Fabric Art Residency programme invites artists and curators to form critical art projects.

Fabric resident receives a free studio space + access to all facilities, and the support of staff and residents of Manchester Textile Studio on Grosvenor Street, Manchester where the residency is based. Manchester Textile Studio focuses on handmade process and offers: Screen Printing Lab, Sewing and Knitting Lab, Dye Lab and Photography Lab.

The residency duration is one month within which we encourage artists to showcase created work internally or externally. (Period of residency can be negotiated within the application process).

Resident benefits from the peer-to-peer exchange through working in an open plan studio, curatorial knowledge exchange, and further networking opportunities.

While in residence artists are encouraged to share their ideas and become involved with the Studio’s workshops program, local area, and its community.

Fabric residency is open to artists working in any medium, proposals should demonstrate how the facilities will benefit development of their work and should indicate this within the application process.

Residents provide their own materials and consumables are subjected to charges.

Location: Manchester Textile Studio, Grosvenor Street


Email: fabric.residency@gmail.com


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