Helen Marie Newman at Fabric Residency

Helen Marie Newman, Fabric Residency, July 2015

Helen Marie Newman investigates objects and spaces through installation, sculpture, sound and video to explore how objects and spaces live amongst as beings not silently as dormant things. Using a variety of media such as sound, video and outdated technology she aims for the viewer to alter their thoughts on everyday objects and spaces by enhancing their features and revealing their personality. Helen Marie Newman believes objects and spaces are time capsules that live with us. As we wear and age objects and spaces do also and take on a trace of our own existence.

Throughout her time at the residency Helen Marie Newman has been investigating the lives of the past and present within the building and the aesthetics which hold the building together. In response to her investigation Helen Marie Newman has created a sound installation which aims to highlight the unnoticed features of the building and the sounds of the working lives which are often ignored.



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