Maria Walker at Fabric Residency

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Maria Walker was one of the first artists who engaged with the Victorian Mill which later became a space for our Fabric Residency 1, which run between 2013 and 2015 in Ardwick, Manchester.

Maria Walker, 2013

An important aspect of Walker’s art textile practice involves using old unwanted textiles to create sculptures and installations that explore the concept of memory, decay and continuity. She is particularly interested in the close, indexical relationship between textile and the human body.  During the summer of 2013 Maria worked at CDM, creating site-specific textile installations and sculptures that responded to the architecture of the mill whilst conjuring up spirits of the building’s past life and the people who worked in the mill.
Manchester was once famous for its textile industry but now the once busy mill lies empty and the machines are now silent and only ghosts of the past inhabit the space. Her contemplative organic sculptures look as if they are growing out of the very fabric of the building whilst the looping textile structures explore the abstract concept of memory, decay and loss. Maria left the work in situ over the winter and gradually the work began a process of decay and deterioration which I documented.


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